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The Standards & Best Practices Committee provides best practices and recommendations for standard pharmacometric analyses (e.g. population PK/PD, exposure-response, disease models) with the goal to increase consistency, productivity, quality, communication, and impact of pharmacometrics on decision making. In the future, we anticipate expanding to cover QSP as well.

The Committee's activities are concentrated into two main workstreams.

Model Evaluation Working Group ("MoEv")

The Model Evaluation Working Group ("MoEv") is tasked with producing a series of model evaluation tutorials for publication in the peer-reviewed literature. So far, three have been planned; of these, one is accepted, one is undergoing internal review, and one is in active development. The MoEv group is led by France Mentré.

Data Standards Working Group

The Data Standards Working Group is developing a set of standards for population PK datasets, which we ultimately hope will be folded into the CDISC standard, and investigating ways to improve the provenance of source data. The Data Standards group is led by Andrijana Radivojevic.

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The current chair of the Standards and Best Practices Committee is Jonathan French.