Logo Usage Policies

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The International Society of Pharmacometrics has copyrights and service mark registrations on its logo and the logo of the American Conference on Pharmacometrics, as well as use of “ISoP” and “ACoP,” the recognized abbreviations thereof, and regulates their use under the following guidelines:

  • Only the approved versions of the ISoP and ACoP logos (the latter with or without a numeric badge denoting meeting number) may be used.
  • The logos may not be distorted or altered in any way.
  • Logos must be used in their entirety; with the exception of affiliated Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Committees, and Communities, neither whole nor recognizable parts may be incorporated into another logo.
  • Logos must be printed in their original colors, or as greyscale versions: No other color combinations are allowed.
  • Active ISoP SIGs, committees, communities, local events and other groups affiliated to ISoP or ACoP are encouraged to use the logos, as long as guidelines are adhered to. Approved, high-resolution logos are available for download here.
  • ISoP and ACoP logos may not be used in a way that suggests ISoP or ACoP recommend, promote or endorse a company's products, services or technology.
  • Logos may not be used in conjunction with claims that products conform to ISoP or ACoP standards.

Neither the ISoP logo nor the ACoP logo may be used in any print advertising or other form of publication, online or offline and including social media, by any outside organization or nonmember of the Society without written permission from ISoP, although permission is usually granted provided guidelines are adhered to. Permission for use of ISoP’s logos and/or trademarks may be subject to a time limit. ISoP reserves the right to authorize the use of the logo in cases of a business arrangement.

Requests to use any version of the ISoP or ACoP logos and for all new collateral must be made in writing and directed to Enrico Smith (by email at [email protected], or by post at Enrico Smith, International Society of Pharmacometrics, 1200 Rt 22E Suite 2000, Bridgewater, NJ 08807, USA).

PDF Logo Usage Policies (March 2018)