Pharmacometrics Center

The ISoP Pharmacometrics Center has been created to address the ISoP’s commitment to provide educational and support services to its members.The resources listed below are open to all.

Discussion Forum: ISoP has established a new discusion forum. is a free, modern discussion forum designed for any individuals interested in sharing ideas related to all aspects of the discipline of pharmacometrics. Discussions include applications of pharmacometrics to quantitative drug development, sharing of instructional/tutorial materials, questions related to commonly used tools, sharing of coding examples, meeting and workshop announcements, and more. Population pharmacokinetics (pop PK), pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PKPD), Quantitative Systems Pharmacolog (QSP)y, Physiologic based Pharmacokinetics (PBPK) and other topics are covered here. Anyone from any discipline with an interest in pharmacometrics is welcome to join! We hope you enjoy and become a frequent contributor to this forum!

 ISoP Shiny Server: an ISoP sponsored R-based Shiny server that allows members to share and deploy their R-based pharmacometric applications

ISoP Tutorials: ISoP sponsored Tutorials on a variety of topics, from experts in each discipline.

ISoP Webinar Series: Beginning in 2016,the ISoP Education and Technology Committees will co-host a series of webinars presented by our members. Stay Tuned!

Tools and Models: A collection of public source tools and models for member use.

Useful Links: Related organizations and sites with an interest in pharmacoemtrics

Learning ResourcesA moderated set of resources, which will be managed by the ISoP Education Committee under the guidance of Professor Sara Rosenbaum. Established resources for learning about pharmacometrics are included.