ISoP Tutorials


 The following Tutorials are a series of ISoP supported Tutorials, given by our members, on topics related to tools, education, curriculum for pharmacometrics, and effective communication of pharmacometric approaches. 

ACoP Tutorials

Building Pharmacometric Applications using R: An online R Shiny Tutorial

A tutorial on developing apps with R shiny was presented at ACOP6 in Crystal City, VA, on October of 2015. This is an online version of that training that provides the basic materials for development of Pharmacometric applications using R shiny.

Application of ggplot2 to Pharmacometric Graphics: An ACOP 2013 Tutorial 

In 2013, Ito and Murphy published an online tutorial in CPT:PSP that describes the use of ggplot specifically for pharmacometrics. ( The ggplot training material presented in the tutorial here are an extension of that CPT:PSP tutorial and were developed by Dr. Kaori Ito specifically for the the Wednesday tutorial session at ACoP 2013.

A Robust Workflow, Technical Approaches, and Software Tools for Application of QSP in Model-based Drug Development: ACoP6 Tutorial

Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) is seeing increasing adoption and efforts in pharmaceutical sciences and industry. In contrast to traditional pharmacokinetic- pharmacodynamic approaches, the biological scope required to capture the impact of complex systems-level behaviors frequently requires non-parsimonious models and consideration of numerous, diverse data sets. These novel aspects of QSP necessitate different technical workflows and approaches. Furthermore, one practical consideration for implementation is identification of software and tools to support QSP efforts. Critical considerations include: (i) the modeling capabilities of the software (e.g. size and types of models, ability to run large-scale simulations, intuitive user interface, etc.); (ii) software integration with existing IT environment and the cost of the software and technical support; (iii) existing user base and the cost of training; (iv) interoperability with other software tools including model export-import capabilities, availability of existing models.

This session presents a robust workflow (illustrated below) that integrates approaches that have been successfully applied in QSP efforts to address many of the novel challenges these efforts face. Technical approaches for each of these stages are discussed. with individual presentations following, to highlight specific applications of these approaches in QSP. One of the aspects of this technical workflow, specifically consideration of software tools for implementation of the model, will then be discussed in additional short talks by representatives from multiple software organizations. Finally the session will conclude with a roundtable discussion on these subjects.

Member Developed Tutorials

Use of Berkeley Madonna for Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) Modeling 

Presented by Dr Yasong Lu, PhD  this video tutorial, sponsored by the ISOP Quantitative Systems's Pharmacology Special Interest Group, introduces the features of Berkeley Madonna for QSP via demonstration of this program with a published small scale QSP model.