The ISoP Technical Manuscript Award

The ISoP technical Manuscript Award is presented by ISoP to acknowledge an outstanding manuscript that has been published in a variety of scientific journals.


The goal of this technical manuscript award is to recognize an outstanding manuscript in innovation in analysis technique.


In order to be considered for this Award, manuscripts must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be technical in nature (tutorials and reviews will generally not be considered)
2. Involve innovation in the analysis of data. Ideally the Paper will deal with topics related to ordered categorical pharmacodynamic analysis using latent variables, analysis that involve bounded outcome data, repeated time-to-event analysis for incidence and severity, data analysis under noncompliance, etc.
3. Exhibit technical excellence and high quality in the statistical and pharmacometric methods and interpretation of results, and will be accessible to readers from both communities. 4. The manuscript must be published in the calendar year preceding the selection (Jan 01, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017).

Nomination Process

Nominations for the Award will be solicited on the ACoP website and through announcements distributed to various pharmacometrics organizations.   Nominations are to be submitted on the ACoP website.  Winners will be selected by the ISoP Awards Committee consisting of pharmacometricians from academic institutions, regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical industry.

Prize and Presentation

The Technical Manuscript  Award will be presented at ACoP. The recipient will be recognized during the meeting, will receive a plaque and provide a brief acceptance speech.  

Application Procedure

Nominations for the Award are now closed