Communications Guidelines

The Communications Guidelines relate to the use of the name and branding of the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) on the Internet or other communications channels, including for social media on social networking sites that include, but are not limited to, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While we attempt to provide reasonable guidelines, as new opportunities and challenges emerge for all of us, these guidelines will evolve. The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining and enforcing these guidelines.

The guidelines apply to individuals and online accounts operating in the name of, sanctioned by, or using the identity of ISoP, or any affiliate thereof as approved by the Board of Directors – in practice, this means members of the ISoP Board of Directors, Special Interest Group (SIG), community, and committee leadership teams, and anyone authorized to operate ISoP social media or other online accounts. Use of social media by ISoP office-bearers in their personal capacity is not subject to these guidelines, although we ask that our representatives and members comport themselves online in a manner that does not bring ISoP into disrepute.

All use of social media while representing ISoP must be authorized by and executed in collaboration with the Board of Directors. There can be no ISoP sites or pages on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., unless they are authorized by the Board. Any existing sites or pages must be reviewed by the Board and may be amended or removed. The Board will identify person(s) to be content owners of various ISoP social media sites.

No mass communications (email, blogs, social media posts, …) representing ISoP or containing any ISoP or ACoP logos or other identifying material may be transmitted except by an authorized ISoP office-bearer (such as the Operations Director, SIG/Committee/Community leadership, or APN-ISoP leadership).

PDF Communications Guidelines (March 2018)