ISoP Awards

Nominations for ISoP Fellows can be submitted on or before July 13, 2018. Please see the ISoP Fellowships site for more information.

Nominations for other ISoP awards are now closed.

ISoP seeks to recognize innovative science and outstanding leadership in the field of pharmacometrics, with the following awards.  Please click on each award for a more detailed description.
ISoP Awards will be presented at the annual ACoP meeting. Please  contact us if you have comments, ideas or questions.
Past Winners for ISoP Awards:
  Lewis B. Sheiner Lecturer Award ISoP Innovation Award ISoP Leadership Award

ISoP Fellows

ISoP Technical Manuscript Award
2008 Carl Peck  -
 2009 Mats Karlsson  - David D’Argenio  -
2011 Don Rubin Marc Mastonguay William Jusko
2013 France Mentre Jeffery Barrett Hartmut Derendorf  -
2014 Stephen Duffull William Gillespie Richard Lalonde

Richard Brundage,  David D'Argenio, Marc Gastonguay, Raymond Miller, Marc Pfister, Stacey Tannenbaum

2015 Steven Shafer Marc Lavielle Larry Lesko
2016 Alan Forrest Lena Friberg Sandy Allerheiligen Jill Fielder-Kelly,  Nick Holford, William Jusko,  Matts Karlsson
2017 Marc Mastonguay Donald Mager Rik Schoemaker

Jogarao Gobburu,  Donald Mager, Stephen Duffull,  Jeffrey Barrett,  France Mentre

Nidal Al-Huniti et al.
2018 David D’Argenio  Wenping Wang  Stacey Tannenbaum     Anne-Gaëlle Dosne et al.

The Scientific Awards nominations for ACoP6 is now open. ISoP invites members to submit nominations for the ISoP Innovation Award, the ISoP Leadership Award, and the Lewis B. Sheiner Lecturer Award to be presented at ACoP6 in Crystal City, October 4-7, 2015. Please click on each award for a more detailed description and to submit your nomination for these important awards.

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