ISoP Awards

Nominations for all ISoP Awards categories are now open through 06/03/2019

ISoP seeks to recognize innovative science and outstanding leadership in the field of pharmacometrics and related scientific areas, with the following seven Awards categories. Please click on each Award for a more detailed description.

  1. ISoP Lewis B. Sheiner Lecturer Award
  2. ISoP Innovation Award
  3. ISoP Leadership Award
  4. ISoP Outstanding Research Manuscript Award. (Previously ISoP Technical Manuscript Award (2017-2018))
  5. ISoP Fellowships
  6. ISoP Emerging Scientist Award*
  7. ISoP Unsung Hero Award*

*New ISoP Awards starting 2019


With the exception of the Lewis B. Sheiner Lecturer Award that is always awarded at the Annual ACoP meeting, in some singular and well-founded circumstances, Awardees of the other awards may request to receive their Awards at a different meeting than ACoP. The Awardee’s request will be discussed by the ISoP Awards Committee, and a decision will be determined by full vote of the ISoP Board of Directors.

 Please contact us if you have comments, ideas or questions.