Statistics and Pharmacometrics (SxP) Special Interest Group


The Statistics and Pharmacometrics Interest Group (SxP) was named in 2016 and is chartered by both the American Statistical Association (ASA) and International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISOP).  This Interest Group promotes collaboration between Statisticians and Pharmacometricians, to enable each discipline to learn and grow from the other and to develop innovative approaches to model informed drug development.

Specifically, the goals of the Interest Group are to:

  • Provide educational opportunities to learn about Statistics and Pharmacometrics
  • Encourage career growth and mentoring for people new in the field
  • Promote cross-disciplinary methodology research and publications, and to encourage cross participation at conferences
  • Create best practices leveraging both disciplines
  • Provide opportunities to discuss computing platforms and share code


The objectives of the group are to

  1. Promote collaboration between Pharmacometricians and Biostatisticians by
    a. Initiating communication with statisticians about PK/PD principles and terminology and about the complexities and nuances of PK/PD data. Educate statisticians in the utility of pharmacometric modeling.
    b. Initiating communication with Pharmacometricians about statistical principles, methodology and terminology. 
    c. Facilitating discussions with both groups for how each interprets their own roles. Explain how each other think and why.
  2. Encourage statisticians to seek careers in Pharmacometrics.
  3. Bridge the gap between methodology published in Pharmacometrics journals with methodology published in statistical journals.
  4. Provide new forums or take advantage of existing forums for initiating scientific discourse between the disciplines.

SxP SIG Leadership Team

The Leadership of this SIG is comprised from members of both ISOP and the ASA. 

•Steering Committee

  • Co-chairs: France Mentré (INSERM) and Bret Musser (Regeneron)
  • Committee Members: Committee Members: Fred Balch (U Utah), Rob Bies (U Buffalo), Kevin Dykstra (qPhametra), Manolis Efthymios (EMA), Jonathan French (Metrum), Lena Friberg (U Uppsala), Vijay Ivaturi (U Maryland),  Jose Pinheiro (J&J), Dionne Price (FDA), Gary Rosner (Johns Hopkins), Matt Rotelli  (Lilly), Mike Smith (Pfizer), Jing Su (Merck), Stacey Tannenbaum (Astellas), Neelima Thaneer (BMS), Jingtao Wu (Takeda)


A complete website for this special interest group, hosted by the ASA, is available below.

SxP Website

Discussion Forum

A discussion forum with a category for topics specific to this joint Special Interest Group forum, and hosted by ISOP,  has been created hereThe goal of the discussion forum is to facilitate a civilized discourse between statisticians and Pharmacometricians for topics of mutual interest, 


Membership in the Interest Group is opento anyone interested in establishing collaborations between statisticians and pharmacometricians. Membership in ASA or ISOP is not required. There are no dues.

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