International Society of Pharmacometrics

The mission of the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) is the promotion and advancement of the discipline of pharmacometrics, through Integration, Innovation, and Impact: quantitative integration of multisource data and knowledge of clinical, biomedical, biological, engineering, statistical, and mathematical concepts, resulting in continuous methodological and technological innovation enhancing scientific understanding and knowledge, which in turn has an impact on discovery, research, development, approval, and utilization of new therapies.

Exposure-Response in Drug Development

ISoP has submitted a formal response to FDA’s public docket entitled “Exposure-Response Analysis in Drug Development and Regulatory Decision Making; Request for Comments”. Thanks to Al Maloney, Nick Holford, Joachim Grevel, David Norris, Amit Taneja, Mariam Ahmed, Thierry Buclin, and Jonathan French for leading this process! More details here.

ACoP9 Photos Now Available

ACoP9 in San Diego was a complete success! Thanks to C.J. Musante, our 2018 Conference Chair, and her very capable team. Thanks also to Ben Zheng and Brian Sadler, amongst others, who have prepared a comprehensive photo gallery up at ISoP's Flickr page